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2022 Vision Clarity Masterclass 

with NLP Master Practitioner & Trauma Informed Master Coach, Emma Garrison

Day: December 9, 2021
Time: 5PM PT - 7:30PM PT
Location: Virtual
Investment: $29


Okay, so it's almost did that happen?! If you are anything like me, you've set a hundred new year's resolutions and the end of Q1 rolls around and the "once upon time super exciting, super energized" resolutions have somehow teetered off the radar. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Me too. Which is why I've created this masterclass to share the secrets that led me to a consistent, clear, intentional, super fun and vision centric life. 


So here's the scoop. In this masterclass, we will: 

  • Cover the psychology/human behavior behind why most NY resolutions are a flop

  • Have a highly interactive workshop leading you through your personal vision clarity for 2022 (and the rest of your life!) - not just your goals, but understanding what your subconscious brain thinks those goals will allow you to do/be/have/feel/experience 

  • Create your own personal vision pillars

  • Learn how to implement your vision pillars into every decision in your life so that you can begin living a life by design, not default

  • Walk away with customized tangible action plans so you can shift your experience, like right now 

  • Connect with other amazing, growth oriented people

  • Opportunity for hot seat coaching with me (my fav part)!!

Are you in?! Let's make this the most intentional, aligned, YUMMY year yet! Join me on December 9, 2022 - let's get it!

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