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Wow! Where to start?! It's been a journey and that's exactly why I am so passionate about doing this work. My name is EmMA GARRISON (you can call me Emma!) and through my own self love journey I've explored and explored and my biggest take away? The exploring never stops. 

I've been the girl, sitting in a retreat or session, during emotional scenarios, not crying, unwilling to "crack", looking around thinking "what did I get myself into?" And let me tell you...I'm forever grateful FOR that shy, uncertain, fearful Emma WHO took the chance, took a risk, put herself out there and took it all in. Because her courage, changed my life forever. 

I've dedicated tens of thousands of dollars to my development, and can I tell you the number one biggest impacter?  One-on-one coaching. I resisted it... for a long time, years actually. It's too expensive, will it be worth it?! I'll do it once I have more money, I'm not emotionally ready, or the classic..."I have nothing to work on" - the excuses went on and on for me. 

Getting my first coach opened my eyes, and new doors for me that I never would have believed possible. My entire perspective on life changed - my willingness to get curious, getting to live truly authentically, getting confident in my career and personal life, LEANING INTO MY FULL TRUTH AND SHARING THAT, learning to sit in the discomfort of exploring emotions. That was a big one for me. Emotions and I were long lost strangers for most of my life. It's safer that way, right? 

I share with you this road map of my experience, not a list of credentials, BUT because I have been right where you are. With a list of questions, doubts, fears. What can of worms might this open up? Am I ready? Can I invest in myself? Am I worth it? 


You are worth it. Take a risk, be curious. Let the courageous you come forward and blow all of the other limiting beliefs out of the water.  You've got this. And I'm here to guide and support you through it all.





Fragile Pampas


(Hands up! That's me, too!) here's a bit more about me. 

I am a life and leadership coach who has dedicated my career to helping others uncover their inner strength to reach new heights. I am a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), trained in energetic NLP, have been trained by world renowned master coaches, including Tony Robins, Preston Smiles, Mastin Kipp and Christine Hassler. I hold a Bachelors of Science from the University of Utah in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. In addition to coaching, I work with top performing CEOs from around the world coaching and consulting to shift limiting beliefs into profit driving and purpose serving business systems.


Through my own "aha" moments, I have seen the impact that uncovering limiting beliefs, transitioning to a space of self-love and compassion, and living a judgment-free life can have, not only in personal life, but in the business world as well. I AM passionate about helping others to find their own “aha” moments, through mental, behavioral, spiritual and emotional quests.

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