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VIP 1:1 Coaching



VIP 1:1 Coaching packages are designed for the queens who are ready to step into the game and get big results, quickly. 

Together we will create a strong partnership that will support you in a safe, calming and eye opening way. I like to think of myself as a mirror holder, who allows you to experience the real you. This also means, I call you on your bullshit (with love, of course)- the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from your ideal life...I will help you to uncover a healthier relationship with yourself and drive judgment free perspectives through the art of powerful questions. We will work to navigate your own unique internal roadmap in order to gain clarity and direction.


Getting a life coach is a big step. And I commend you for being willing to invest in YOU! This is a fast moving life and sometimes we forget the importance of our own inner bliss.


Everyone in this world is different – our experiences from birth, into childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, all help to define who we are and what we believe. And that is exactly why each client’s experience will vary from the next. Together we will explore effective tools catered specifically to you, to create the most transitional experience possible.



What's Included?

Within our time together you will have:

  • Every other week an hour long one on one video session 

  • Unlimited Voxer access to Emma for on the spot questions or coaching needs in between sessions 

  • Homework assignments and action plans catered specifically for you to help keep you accountable and the growth evolutionary

  • A safe, highly confidential, judgment free environment 

  • Opportunity to change you so many ways



The Commitment

Okay, let's get honest here for a second...Getting a coach is BIG step! Whether for personal or professional desires, this is a great investment in yourself...and so why not treat it that way?!


Commitment is top of the line when coaching with Emma, especially due to the limited capacity nature of the work. We carefully select clients who are ready and committed to breaking out of their comfort zones, to bringing their whole selves to each session and taking action to gain life changing  moments. 

*Note: VIP 1:1 packages are limited, as Emma ensures top quality partnership with her clients.

*Payment plans available upon request

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